Q What type of entertainment do you provide for a children's birthday party?


A Due to the fact that most party guests encompass a mixture of ages, interests and attention spans, we offer our infamous 'variety show.' This may include some of the following: juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, party games, stories, clown antics, clown magic, twisty balloon animals, sculptures, hats, etc. and if you wish this may also include temporary tattoos, face painting, bubbles, ETC.!!! From this delightful 'Bag-Of-Tricks we look to customize to your specific desires.


• • •


Q For what type of engagements do you entertain?

A You name it, we've entertained it: private parties (all age levels, all types of celebrations), fairs, music, art, wine, and craft festivals, corporate events, company picnics, schools, libraries, museums, clown and circus arts' parties and lessons, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


During the holidays we also offer an Easter/Spring bunny, Valentine cupid, 4th of July Uncle Sam stilt walker and red, white & blue face painting, Christmas elves, and the like.


• • •


Q My child is afraid of clowns. What do your characters look like?

A Coulrophobia, or Fear of Clowns, is usually due to contact with clowns of BIGGER-THAN-LIFE features and/or personalities. Creating more positive experiences to out-number the more fearful ones is the best remedy. Clown Clubhouse specializes in clowns with a friendly, humanistic approach to entertaining. Our costuming and personalities are designed with young audiences in mind.


Birthday parties are intimate affairs and we give our audiences a chance to warm up to us and meet us on their timing. Usually by the end of a party the child who is shying away at first is the one who won't let go of our legs when it's time to go!


"My daughter (2 yrs old) is usually afraid of clowns, yet she loved you. She's been asking ever since when Honeydew will come again.!"

                                                            Maria Soteo, Watsonville, CA


• • •


Q How much does it cost?

A To provide you with a quote for your event we need to review the following information:


What date and time will your event take place? (so we can check our availability)

What type of event is this? (birthday, baptism, bar/bat mitzvah, holiday, family reunion, school event, company picnic, etc.)

How many children/adults will attend? (a ballpark estimate will do)

What is the location of the event? (private home, public venue)

How far will we be traveling? (city)

How many hours of entertainment are you looking for? (birthday parties average 1 hour)


After considering the above information, we can give you an appropriate quote for your event. Since we delight in providing a most satisfying experience, a phone conversation is the best means of customizing the event and working out the details. 


• • •


Q What is Jetlag's middle name?                                  

A Diesel, as in the fuel that keeps him going.


• • •


Q When is the best age to have a clown come and entertain?

A From 1yrs old to 101 years young! Or as often as possible as, "Laughter doeth the heart good like a medicine."


• • •


Q What can you suggest for family fun?

A Get out there and host a dog's birthday party (Go Dog Go style), complete with howling contests/karaoke style, dog tricks, and dog show repositioning!

You can always invite Honeydew and Jetlag to wind things up at a family gathering in a 'Thing One and Thing Two' fashion. Both young adults and families enjoy our Balloon Bonanza party, providing balloons, pumps, and instruction that gets everyone twisting up a storm.


• • •


Q How far will you travel to perform?

A We've entertained around the world. Check with us to determine time, distance and availability.


• • •


Q What is Honeydew's black box?

A Honeydew carries with her a pallet of colors & sparkles, which she uses to paint the most exquisitely, delightful faces.


"I've been to many fairs, amusement parks, and other such public events and yet I've never seen face painting like this! This is by far the best. You are truly an artist!"

                                                                          - Carol Henning


• • •

Q When is the best time for the clown/entertainer to arrive?

A Due to the fact that some guests arrive fashionably late to events, we suggest that the clown arrive at least 1/2 hour after the party starts. These gives time for guests to arrive, settle in and enjoy the clown's entrance.


• • •


Q Should I feed my guests before or after the clown entertains?

A Either option is fine. If you should feed your guests before hand, you might provide the necessary wash-up supplies so that the children don't stick to the clown during the performance when volunteering to help out or so face paint isn't being applied to pizza sauce or jelly cheeks!  : }


• • •


Q Why don't cannibals eat clowns?

A Because they taste funny!

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